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Friday, January 13, 2012

Video of US Marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers causes uproar


A shocking video showing American marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban soldiers evoked anger across the world. This act violates the international laws for warfare.us marines pictures

Senior military officials confirmed that the video is authentic. The official added that they have been able to identify at least two of the marines, but they did not reveal the names.

Leon Panetta, the defense secretary, told in a statement that he condemns the incident in strongest possible terms. He added that the conduct is entirely inappropriate for the members of US military and does not manifest the standards or values United States armed forces are sworn to carry on.

In a statement NATO stated, “A video recently posted on a public website appears to show US military personnel committing an inappropriate act with enemy corpses,”

“This disrespectful act is inexplicable and not in keeping with the high moral standards we expect of coalition forces.”

The government of Afghanistan asked for a full investigation. Afghanistan is a key ally in America’s war against terror and they do not want do anything that will displease Afghanistan. Leon Panetta called the Afghan president and assured of a full investigation calling the incident shocking and inhuman.

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