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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Large Hadron Collider Hits Successfully The Big Bang Theory


By NIMY Sara Joy

March 30 — The most challengeable experiment successfully completed, inside a 17-mile tunnel below the border of Switzerland and France at Geneva. It was the most worrying time in science that the experiment with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) for reproducing the conditions instantly after the Big Bang.
large hadron collider
By crashing proton beams into each other, the LHC could make a record for high energy collisions today. The crashing proton beams was at three times extra power than ever before. For the milestone experiment $ 10 billion was spent.

This experiment is bringing answer to why Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and about theoretical particles and micro forces. It will be a breakthrough in science and scientists’ effort to recognize the foundation of the universe. The experiment was done at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accelerator at CERN, the European Particle Physics laboratory in Cressy near Geneva.

The scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN captured measurements at a mixed energy level of 7trillion electron volts.

The Big Bang is the cosmological model of the primary environment and following expansion of the Universe that is supported by the most inclusive and precise explanations from contemporary scientific evidence and study. As used by cosmologists, the term Big Bang generally refers to the idea that the Universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some restricted time in the past and continues to expand to this day.

“Experiments are collecting their first physics data — historic moment here!” a scientist tweeted on CERN’s official Twitter account.

“Nature does it all the time with cosmic rays (and with higher energy) but this is the first time this is done in Laboratory!” said another tweet.

35 Responses to “Large Hadron Collider Hits Successfully The Big Bang Theory”

  1. dnews365 says:

    Large Hadron Collider Hits Successfully The Big Bang Theory – http://www.dailynews365.com/technology-n

  2. srihari says:

    just one hour back, here in india we have noticed an earth quake.
    this experiment may be the reason for that?

  3. sumit jha says:

    we hav pride to be a human..

  4. Savitha Paragodu says:

    Amazing..! just Amazing…

  5. santhosh says:

    What is Exactly Big Bang Theory

  6. oth kumar says:

    i was an atheist until i realised am a d god…………… i created d all……………… be careful…..mind it

  7. First save this planet from all types of evil : like pollution, chopping of trees, from terrosits, from weapons. We need millions of people to change the planet. Not 1 person.

  8. kesavan says:

    30.3.10 night 10.30 pm an earth quake in chennai.
    what is the reson. big bang?

  9. janu says:


  10. janu says:

    The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.

  11. Zaheer says:

    It’s so nice to know about it…i can only say WOW….!

  12. b.vikram says:

    it is an amazing experiment what i was heard in my whole life i thing. conducting under micro level is very hard to think.

  13. L.Siva krishna says:


  14. john nielsen says:

    space: “the unlimited three-dimensilnal expanse in which all material objects are located.”
    how can space expand? it is infinite. can you understand infinity????

  15. sagar says:

    i think these experiment is very useful for our

  16. Ray says:

    ok srihari, your question first, post hoc ergo propter hoc *think the spelling is right* just because two events occur in temperal proximity (aka close in time) doesn’t mean they’re related. The experiments in the collider would have little, if any impact on the earth outside the collider itself and the time frames for each data run are so tiny, even if they did effect the Earth the human senses literally could not detect them. Some doomsday theorists have pointed to the possibility of the formation of a black hole, the logic behind this is mostly bad science mixed with horrible application of probability theory. In other words, almost every legitimate scientist agrees that the collider is safe.

    Santhosh, the big bang theory, other than an awesome comedy tv show, simply states that the Universe has a finite age and that immedietly following the “beginning” of the universe it was a nearly infinitely dense and hot singularity. What does all that mean? It means that the Universe was literally smaller than an atom, and probably just a few TRILLION degrees, pretty cool huh?? There are a few other parts to the modern big bang theory, most of which have to do with explaining certain observations about the Universe (heat distribution, expansion and how the Universe actually began aka what caused the big bang to bang) but that’s probably wayyyyy more than you wanted to know. If you’re curious check out a tv show called “The Universe” they actually do a pretty good job at explaining some of these tough concepts.

    Ps if some of my facts are wrong, calm down take a deep breath and post your own, I am not a physicist or a cosmologist, I am a biologist who happens to really like physics.

  17. Nandakumar says:

    can you explain what is Big Bang in our native language [ tamil ]

  18. ajit says:

    bigest discovery in quantum physics ever …………. congratulations to all scientist’

  19. prem sagar says:

    it was heared an EArth QUack through this…………but its a great experiment

  20. anandan says:

    wow..itz just amazing..but i did not belive in it..!!

  21. sagar says:

    it was heared an EArth QUack came in vizag

  22. siddiq says:

    best of luck for the experiment

  23. Dinanath says:


  24. carl says:

    For many Centuries we have fell short of guessing what the Big Bang Theory is, but now we have finally got it all together !so to speak! My question is? Does that mean we also get to start over if not then what was the purpose?

  25. saptarshi says:

    every material things forms from imaterial things.but our scientists donot believe in imaterial world.
    if we come out from the material world we will see the imaterial world & we will find the original answer of big bang theory.

  26. saptarshi says:

    i am student,doing graduation. i think every material things forms from imaterial things.but our scientists donot believe in imaterial world.
    if we come out from the material world we will see the imaterial world & we will find the the creation of material things and we will get the original answer of big bang theory.
    my small point of view is that.

  27. rajkumar says:

    don’t make the earth angry by breaking and making a deep hole in it u will not suffer but the future will

  28. rajkumar says:

    save the planet

  29. ammusankar says:

    good to know. but now what is the use for humans ?

  30. Aj says:

    Hope for positive result, Its just a begining……..

  31. hems says:

    whats next if scientist found how universe is created or its birth? perhaps question will b why it has been created.

  32. AK says:

    Very Good scientific experiment cost only 10 Billion USD!!!. It will reveal the fact of creation of Universe but nowadays more important to deal with Global Warming!

  33. Niketo says:

    Does that mean that Universe is the creation of Scientists and God does not exist at all. All this while we have been cheated that God is the one who created everything? I am surprised that there are scientists creating the Universe in a damn 17- mile tunnel. Wow how stupid of me to have read the Holy books and stories on how and who created the Universe. It takes $10 billion dollars to create it. If I had $10 billion can I have one Universe by my name???

  34. harsh gautam says:

    We hope it will disclose and invent actual creation of wold and means of scientific life.

  35. pandya says:

    Can you imagine a proton beam moving with almost speed of light? To control that proton beam to move in the 27 km circular tunnel would require the highest level of application of the technology and engineering to verify basic physics.

    Development of that technology which makes this kind of experiments possible is the spin-off which eventually helps the humans grow intellectually. For example, this very internet through which we are discussing, was outcome of this kind of experiments in early 50s at CERN itself, then used for transferring data among various laboratories. All the cancer therapy treatment by radiation, CT scan etc are due to the accelerators. Industries are using these technologies to provide us materials with specific physical, electrical, mechanical or even optical properties. Hardly 1% of the accelerators in the world are involved in basic nuclear and particle physics experiments. Rest are used in medical and industrial applications.

    It is not necessary that you should have the benefit of the technology today itself. Most of the early scientist have never tasted the fruits of their inventions and discoveries which we are enjoying in our everyday life.

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