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GMP Diecast Launches Replicas Of 1965 Corvette Coupe »

on May 30 2010

May 30 — While I was searching the searches of people on Google, I came across many of them asking what is GMP Diecast. So, I thought to write some details of it in the Your Voice...

Climate Change – Guilt of the Developed Countries »

on May 15 2010

By ASHISH Saket May 15 — Debate on multilateral action to control the Green House Gas emission has long polarized between developed and developing countries. India has been in the eye of storm since 1980, due its...

Today, International Labour’s Day »

on May 1 2010

By NIMY Sara Joy May 1- It’s thoughtful, why we celebrate May 1st as the International Labour’s Day. Apart from the social science students and lectures, how many are now aware of the May Day importance! I...

End Of IPL3, Off-The-Field Drama Continues »

on April 26 2010

By ASHISH Saket Amidst the sordid tale of cricket in vain, IPL declared its winner. While Chennai super emerged as the king in the battle, the showdown for the BCCI began. The president of BCCI was issued...

Wedding Pics Of Sania And Shoaib »

on April 12 2010

Read: Finally Sania-Shoaib Ties Knot...

Commonwealth Games: Game Or A Menace »

on April 8 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty The excitement of Commonwealth Games seems a gloomy picture for en masse. The work began in 2006 with a considerable high budget of Rs. 22,000 crore. Today after four years, it has touched a...

CJ (Gurgaon): Hospital Makes Sec 15 Huda Market A Dumping Ground »

on March 8 2010

Hi, My name is Rahul Singh and I’m a resident of sector 15 part 2 Gurgaon. There is a hospital by the name of LIFE LINE HEALTH CARE. They are creating a lot of problem by dumping...

Somebody Help! I Want To Know Where To Invest »

on January 29 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty New Delhi, Jan. 29 – Arun Tripathi, a quality analyst in a reputed BPO organization, is under a great quandary these days. He has Rs. 75000 with him to invest, but has no clue...

End Of An Era In Indian Politics, 1914-2010 »

on January 17 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Kolkata, Jan. 17 — Former chief minister of West Bengal and veteran communist leader of India breathed his last at 11.47 am. on Sunday in Kolkata after a prolonged illness. 95-year-old Jyoti Basu served...

Grooming an era of Bridal crisis »

on December 16 2009

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty Inside a gated two storey in the village of Sonepat district resides a well established family. They are not happy because their 29-year son is yet to be married. The reason; there are no...

New Credit Card Rules Expected To Reduce Delinquencies »

on July 31 2009

Credit cards have taken the life of many consumers by storm and have caused irreparable damage financially. This doesn’t imply that credit cards don’t have any benefits. Owing to the benefits they offer, an average American household...

Time to introduce direct buses »

on March 25 2008

The Haryana government should introduce direct buses from Panchkula to Faridabad or Gurgaon in the National Capital Region. At present their is no direct bus for these places from the panchkula bus stand. This will particularly help...

Low-energy bulb disposal may pose health risks »

on March 25 2008

The next time you dispose a low-energy light bulb, be careful it might pose health & environmental risks. The UK’s Environmental Agency has revealed that the bulbs contain small amounts of mercury & has, therefore, said more...

Give Medicines Early »

on March 25 2008

Thousands of patients from far off places visit the ECHS hospital at Ludhiana. However medicines are issued only on the 8th & 9th of every month. As a result, ex-servicemen & their families find it very difficult...

Sanitation problem »

on March 25 2008

Sanitation is an issue of major concern. The big hindrance is the hefty commercial charges in big cities & towns as against residential charges. To create civic sense among the public, public toilets should be maintained well...

Poor ration quality »

on March 25 2008

The soldiers are supplied sub-standard ration, uniforms & blankets. Apparently, senior officers are least interested to stem the rot. There is need for a thorough probe into how the quality of ration has been compromised. Most service...

Greedy Shops »

on March 25 2008

Private hospitals have become greedy shops. In the name of treatment, they are just squeezing innocent patients visiting them. These hospitals are more bothered about the money than the patient’s life. In these hospitals, a few trainees...

Cruel Railways »

on March 24 2008

Railway pensioners who reside at a distance of 2.5 km or more from a railway hospital are paid a monthly medical allowance of RS 100. In an emergency like a heart problem, expenses incurred by a pensioner...

Help Pensioners »

on March 24 2008

Haryana has topped in agricultural production, electricity, roads & other spheres in the country. The credit goes to the progressive policies of the state government. Strangely, compared with Punjab, Haryana has lagged behind in giving similar facalities...

Sarabjit Singh is innocent »

on March 24 2008

Sarabjit Singh, the Indian prisoner who has been in jail for the past 17 years, is going to be hanged in April if no effective last-minute efforts are made to save his life. Pervez Musharraf the President...

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