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Palestine Handed a Full Membership of UNESCO »

on November 1 2011

On Monday, UNESCO becomes the first United Nations agency to grant a full membership to Palestine. The member states think that if Palestine is given a full membership, then it will encourage their bid for recognition as...

Snowstorm hits North-east United States »

on October 31 2011

Several million people were hit by snowstorm in the North-East United States. According to the reports three people have been killed due to the bad weather condition. The snow storm got worse as it moved towards the...

Haqqani Network Soon To Declared As A Terror Group »

on September 29 2011

US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said that designating Haqqani network as a terror group is in the final stages. It is to be noted that the group according to US officials is responsible for carrying...

Haqqani Network Has Links With Pakistan »

on September 18 2011

The US has evidence that the Haqqani network, the militant group that was behind the attack in the American embassy in Kabul, has slinks with the Pakistan government. Cameron Munter, the US ambassador to Pakistan has said...

Al Qaeda’s second in command killed : US »

on August 28 2011

Al Qaeda’s second in command, the Libyan national Atiyah Abd Al-Rahman has been killed in Pakistan, earlier this week. However the US officials did not say how he was killed. It is believed that Al Rahman was...

FBI Investigating Google’s Claim Of Chinese Hackers Hacking Gmail Accounts Of US Officials »

on June 3 2011

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) is investigating claims by Google of Chinese hackers of hacking Gmail accounts of senior US officials. Jay Carney, Press Secretary of White House while speaking to reporters said that President Barack...

Snowstorm Blanket Disrupts Travel In New York »

on December 27 2010

December 27 — New York’s major airports remains closed on Monday after National Wearther Service has warned of a blizzard warning for parts of New York, New Jersey and other states of U.S. On Sunday high winds,...

More $2 Billion Aid Package To Pak From US »

on October 22 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Washington, October 22 — The Obama administration pledged on Friday to seek more $2 billion in military aid to Pakistan over the span of five-year that would increase the current financing for the purchase...

Obama Excludes Pak Visit Next Month When He Comes To India »

on October 21 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Washington, October 21 — US President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that his India visit next month will not include Pakistan, but it will be scheduled in 2011. On the sidelines of US-Pak strategic...

ISI Supports Terrorists: U.S »

on October 8 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty U.S, OCt. 08 – In a shocking yet inevitable statement, the Pentagon has revealed that some of the elements of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) backs the terrorists in the country. The ulterior support costs...

It’s War Against Terrorism, Not Against Islam: Obama »

on September 11 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar US, White House, 9/11 — US President Barack Obama backed again on Friday, on the day of 9th anniversary of 9/11, the controversial plans to build an Islamic centre near the ground zero site...

Pastor Terry Jones Reconsiders Quran Burning Plans »

on September 10 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar September 10 — The U.S. pastor Terry Jones says he is reconsidering Quran Burning plans of Saturday giving a thought that it amy spark violence by Islamic extremists across the world. He had planned...

Pastor Terry Jones Go Ahead With Sept 11 Quran Burning »

on September 8 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Florida, September 08 — On Tuesday, a Christian minister in Florida vowed to go forward with his Quran burning plans to portest the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The White House had earlier warned, including the...

US Market May Crash In September: Analyst »

on August 22 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar New Delhi, August 22 — An American analyst bets of a huge US market crash next month. The prediction came after ‘Hindenburg Omen’ was sighted by Jin Miekka on technical charts. Earlier, Miekka had...

US Senators Passes Bill To Hike Visa Fees »

on August 11 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Washington, August 11 — The House of Representatives of US has passed a bill late Thursday that would significantly increase the skilled-worker visas fees. This move of the U.S. Senate would deal a financial...

Potential US Jobs To Return Back Says Obama »

on August 5 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Washington, August 5 — US President Barack Obama is getting prepared to give India and China a tough competition in potential jobs for millions. Obama said at a meeting of the AFT-CIO Executive Council...

George Bush To Promote Book Through First Post-Presidency TV Interview »

on August 3 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar August 3 — George W. Bush will appear on his first post-Presidency interview on November 8, a day before the launch of his book ‘Decision Points’. The memoir will be aired on NBC as...

US files labor rights case against trade partner Guatemala »

on July 31 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Washington, July 31 — Washington on Saturday filed a labor case against trade agreement partner Guatemala in violation of labor practices under a central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and it is the first...

US Would Vote Against Sino-Pak Nuclear Deal »

on July 23 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar Washington, July 23 — United States would be voting against an exemption for China to sell to Pakistan two civil nuclear reactors at the Nuclear Suppliers Group meeting. This move of US is a...

Ann Arbor Art Fair, July 22-29, starting today may attract 1/2 million people »

on July 21 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Ann Arbor, July 21st:The Ann Arbor Art Fair, which is scheduled to start from July 22nd is expected to draw an estimated half a million people till its end date on July 24th. This...

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