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Rebekah Brooks Arrested By London Metropolitan Police »

on July 17 2011

Rebekah Brooks, the ex-CEO of the British arm of News Corporation, was arrested by London Metropolitan police on Sunday. According to police, Brooks was arrested for criminal investigation into alleged phone hacking and bribery by News Of...

New Al-Quida Chief Calls For Attack On London »

on May 22 2011

Osama Bin Laden may have been killed by the US forces, but the world is not yet relieved from the menace of Al-Quida. Saif-al-Adel, the new leader of the terrorist organization has vowed to launch attacks on...

UK-France Defence Treaties Marks A “New Chapter”: David Cameron »

on November 3 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty London, Nov. 03 – A new treaties on defense are signed between UK France where UK will build up nuclear testing technology and also there are plans of a joint army expeditionary force. UK...

UK College Allegedly Selling English Language Certificates »

on August 13 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar London, August 13 — A Britain college has been alleged of selling English language certificates to Asian immigrants for helping them cheat their way in getting UK citizenship. The college is being investigated. A...

Grace Ford still critical »

on July 21 2010

Lancashire girl who fell 7 floors from a Spanish holiday apartment is still in a critical but stable condition in hospital. On Saturday Grace Ford, 17, who had recently had completed her A-levels at Kirkham Grammar School,...

Intimidation and threats to kill charges faced by a man »

on July 20 2010

Antrim: A 21-year-old man is due to appear in court at Antrim on Tuesday charged with intimidation and threats to kill. The charges relate to the arrest of a man in Coleraine earlier by police investigating the murder...

Senators denied talks on Lockerbie BP row by David Cameron »

on July 20 2010

London: Senators from New York and New Jersey wanted to meet Mr Cameron over the early release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who has terminal prostate cancer. But the British embassy said Mr Cameron had a full schedule on...

Lockerbie bomber release act urges inquiry »

on July 19 2010

As told by Tory MP, a backbench, a UK public inquiry ought to be held into the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Daniel Kawczynski, chairman, Westminster all-party group on Libya, also apologized with the Scottish Justice Secretary...


on July 19 2010

Ireland’s debt rating has been demoted by Moody’s credit ratings agency this morning, adding to woes of the investor relating to the condition of Europe’s heavily indebted economies. Ireland’s sovereign bond rating was cut by one notch...

Trident Budget Cuts-some security warnings »

on July 18 2010

According to the Defence Secretary it would be like “playing fast and loose” with national security when it comes to spending cuts to Britain’s nuclear deterrent programme. Liam Fox quoted that funding of the renewal of the...

Life behind bars ruling for Yorkshire ripper »

on July 16 2010

Yorkshire, Mr Justice Mitting ruled at the High Court in London that the 63-year-old former lorry driver should never be eligible for parole and also disclosed that a special mental health tribunal had concluded last week that it...

Fresh Afghanistan attack claims 8 NATO soilders »

on July 15 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — At least eight members of the American-led forces in Afghanistan were killed in attacks in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday and Wednesday. NATO officials  said, these numbers include three American troops who died in a...

Driest months in 96 years »

on July 15 2010

The last six months have been the second driest recorded in the UK in 96 years, with river flows in some areas at their lowest levels in 50 years and much of northern England and western Scotland...

The next senior military figure: Sir Gen David Richards »

on July 15 2010

The majority of people expect him to sustain Britain’s commitment in Afghanistan as a priority and also align the political and military aspects of the campaign. In a recent speech at the International Institute of Strategic Studies,...

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