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Bus bomb attack in Pakistan; at least 18 killed: Reports »

on September 27 2013

27th September, 2013, Peshawar: On Friday, a bomb tore through a bus that was carrying workers in Pakistan’s northwest region casting doubts over peace talks. Recently, Pakistan political parties, backed the suggestion of peace talks with the...

Syria opposition demands urgent UN probe into alleged chemical attacks »

on August 22 2013

22nd August, 2013, Beirut: On Thursday, the Syrian opposition demanded that the United Nations must probe the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces that killed hundreds of people a day earlier. In Paris, Laurent...

Malaysia bus accident; 37 confirmed dead, several injured »

on August 22 2013

2nd August, 2013: At least 37 people after a bus tipped into a ravine on Wednesday. The death toll may reach higher as sixteen people were also seriously injured and some of them were in serious condition....

Egypt crisis: 25 policemen killed in a daylight attack by Islamic militants »

on August 19 2013

19th August, 2013, Cairo: On Monday, 25 police personnel were killed as Islamic militants ambushed 2 mini buses that was carrying off-duty policemen in Sinai Peninsula. Three policemen were also wounded in the attack. The attack took...

United States ‘disappointed’ with Russia over Snowden issue »

on August 2 2013

2nd August, 2013, Washington DC: A meeting between United President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin could be in jeopardy by Russia’s decision to offer temporary asylum to Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency whistleblower....

United Nations inspectors to probe chemical weapons usage in Syria »

on August 1 2013

1st August, 2013, United Nations: The United Nations inspectors are all set to go to Syria as early as possible to investigate the reports of chemical weapons usage in the civil war that is going on for...

More than ten dead as Shanghai experiences its hottest summer in more than 100 years »

on August 1 2013

1st August, 2013, Shanghai: More than ten people have died of heatstroke in Shanghai, China. The city is experiencing it hottest summer in more than hundred years. According to reports, the China Meteorological Administration has issued level-two...

Nine killed in a series of attacks in Iraq on Wednesday »

on August 1 2013

1st July, 2013, Baghdad: On Wednesday, 9 people were killed and 19 other were injured following two attacks near Baghdad. In Baghdad province, 5 people were killed and 8 were wounded by gunmen; while two bombings in...

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan go up by twenty-three percent, says UNAMA »

on July 31 2013

31st July, 2013, Kabul: Civilian casualties in Afghanistan has increased by twenty-three percent in the first half of 2013 because of militant attacks and increased battle between the government forces and the Taliban insurgents, stated United Nations...

India and Pakistan fears more terror acts after troops pullout from Afghanistan, says US »

on July 31 2013

31st July, 2013, Washington DC: Both India and Pakistan fear that instability in Afghanistan following the pullout of United States forces might result in ‘surplus terrorism’ in both India and Pakistan, said a top US official. At...

Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi ‘well, says Catherine Ashton »

on July 30 2013

30th July, 2013, Cairo: Catherine Ashton, the foreign policy chief of European Union, told that ousted Egypt president Mohamed Morsi well and he has access to television and newspapers. She said this after she met Morsi at...

Trains collide in Switzerland, more than forty injured: reports »

on July 30 2013

30th July, 2013, Geneva: More than forty people were injured following a head-on clash between two trains in Switzerland on Monday. At least five were seriously injured, but some reports claimed that their life is not in...

Taliban insurgents attack prison in Pakistan; more than 250 prisoners flee »

on July 30 2013

30th July, 2013: Pakistan Taliban insurgents armed with bombs, guns and grenades attacked a prison in north-west Pakistan. According to reports, they freed more than 250 prisoners. The attack took place on Monday night in Dera Ismail...

At least 55 killed following a series of car bombs in Iraq »

on July 29 2013

29th July, 2013, Baghdad: At least 55 people were killed following a series of car bombings in predominantly Shi’ite areas in Iraq. According to reports, seventeen car bombs exploded on Monday morning. Medical and police sources have...

37 dead as bus falls into a ravine in Italy »

on July 29 2013

29th July, 2013, Rome: At least thirty-seven people were killed after a tourist bus plunged off and fall into a steep-sided valley. The incident took place on Sunday in southern Italy. Some reports suggest that the bus...

8 killed in a car bomb blast in Iraq »

on July 28 2013

28th July, 2013, Tikrit (Iraq): At least 8 people were killed after a suicide car bomb exploded near a Kurdish security forces patrol. The incident took place early on Sunday in the ethnically mixed Tuz Khurmato town,...

Japanese PM to help Philippines in maritime defense capabilities »

on July 27 2013

27th July, 2013, Manila: On Saturday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged to strengthen the maritime defense capabilities of Philippines. While stating that, he reassured Japan’s intentions in the midst of territorial dispute with China. After a...

Spanish train driver in police custody with suspicion of negligent homicide »

on July 27 2013

27th July, 2013, Santiago De Compostela (Spain): On Saturday, the interior minister of Spain Jorge Fernandez Diaz stated that the driver of the Santiago De Compostela speeding train crash, has now been held on hunch of negligent...

Over seventy killed in Cairo attack, says Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson »

on July 27 2013

27th July, 2013, Cairo: On Saturday, at least seventy people were killed after Egyptian security forces attacked ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters in Cairo. Speaking about the incident a spokesperson for Muslim Brotherhood told that the number...

At least 47 killed after twin blasts in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region »

on July 27 2013

27th July, 2013: At least forty-seven people were killed and more than two-hundred were wounded after a twin bomb blast rocked the northwestern Kurram tribal region of Pakistan on Friday. Around twenty people were critically injured. According...

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