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Congress slams Arvind Kejriwal saying that his aim is to asperse people »

on November 10 2012

10th November, 2012, New Delhi: On Saturday, Congress hit back at RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal for leveling allegations of financial misconducts in front of the media saying that he is only interested to defame people. Today, Congress...

PM defends diesel price hike important »

on September 15 2012

15th September, 2012, New Delhi: On Saturday, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh defended the recent diesel price hike and said that it was not a wrong move. Today at the Planning Commission meet, he told, “The recent...

Nitish Kumar – Man of the Moment in Bihar »

on November 25 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar It’s a new chapter in Bihar politics. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led NDA bagged 84 per cent seats in Bihar. Kumar chaged the political grammar of the state. It is a landslide win and...

PM Calls For Early Elections In J&K »

on August 10 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar New Delhi, August 10 — An early elections have been called by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to local bodies in Jammu and Kashmir, stressing the reinvigorating peaceful political activity ‘s need in the valley...

Shiv Sena slams MNS & Congress »

on October 14 2009

Hardly any election has been completely smooth without any dirty politics and blame games being played. This time in Maharashtra, the Sewri assembly constituency saw some high drama during the crucial parts of the election. Bal Thackeray-led...

Voter turnout: Arunachal 70%, Maharashtra 50%, Haryana 40%; AP CM elected unopposed »

on October 13 2009

Arunachal Pradesh registered 70% votes where as the turnout in Maharashtra and Haryana was 50 and 40 per cent respectively. In Haryana’s Kaithal district a polling agent Jyoti Ram was killed in a clash between Dillu Ram’s...

Ministerial reshuffel may transpire post Assembly election »

on October 12 2009

Just after the Assembly election in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh, the Congress leadership will restart the process of revamping the organisational setup of the party and also take into consideration the question of a minor ministerial...

Assembly polls campaigning ends in Maharashtra, Arunachal, Haryana; Voting Oct 13, Counting Oct 22 »

on October 11 2009

The campaigning in Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh and Haryana Assembly polls ended on October 13 (Sunday). The canvassing of four long weeks saw high profile leaders of national and regional parties hitting the campaign trail on a large...

Rahul doctrine dominates Congress’s thinking »

on May 19 2009

The induction of Rahul Gandhi into the Singh ministry is growing louder. The senior leaders of Congress have suggested about junior Gandhi that he be made a minister without any portfolio. In brief, a device that allows...

Sonia Gandhi asks party workers to restore Congresses ‘historical’ role »

on May 17 2009

Sonia Gandhi today asked partymen to get to work to restore the Congresses historical role as the natural party of governance. She said while expressing gratitude, “the election is now behind us and hard work must begin....

15 Lok Sabha Election Result – Who Wins, Who Looses »

on May 16 2009

Updates at 17 Hours IST • Choudhary Lal Singh (Congress) wins from Udhampur-Doda • Congress candidate K C Singh Baba wins Nainital seat by defeating Bachi Singh Rawat of BJP by 88412 votes • Jitender Malik of...

Congress-led UPA is set to retain power at the Centre »

on May 16 2009

LOK SABHA ELECTION RESULT UPDATE AT 13 HOURS IST: It seems that the Congress-led UPA is set to retain power at the Centre. It has done an impressive performance in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to overwhelm...

CNN-IBN and Dainik Bhaskar projects UPA over 210 seats »

on May 15 2009

LOK SABHA ELECTION RESULT PROJECTION BY CNN-IBN AND DAINIK BHASKAR A private TV channel projects UPA of getting 210 to 225 seats in the 15th Lok Sabha elections, which is way ahead of NDA. According to the...

BJP tries to woo allies ahead of vote count »

on May 14 2009

Only two days left to Lok Sabha election results and the ruling Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today stepped up efforts to woo some smaller parties expected to play key roles in formation of the...

UP advisory board says NSA against Varun invalid »

on May 8 2009

UP advisory board today said that the use of the NSA against Varun Gandhi was not valid. Javed Ahmad, home secretary of Uttar Pradesh said, “NSA invoked against the BJP leader Varun Gandhi has been held invalid...

57% votes amid violence in Phase IV in 15th Lok Sabha Election »

on May 7 2009

57% voters turnout in Lok Sabha Phase IV polls. Reported 4 persons were killed, 3 of them in West Bengal and one in Rajasthan. There are reports of stray violence, police firing and booth-capturing attempts. Unofficial report...

Lalu says no single party can form government »

on May 2 2009

Lalu Prasad Yadav, RJD chief, today said that no single party may be forming a government after the Lok Sabha polls and he again reached out to the Left by saying that the door for them was...

Don’t vote for Independents says Sonia & PM »

on April 27 2009

Few days before in Mumbai Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s said that independents were “spoilers.” Today Congress president Mrs Sonia Gandhi also appealed to the people not to vote for independents in the Lok Sabha elections. She...

Engineering student tried throwing show to PM »

on April 26 2009

PM Manmohan Singh today became the target of a boot. In an election campaign an engineering student hurled a shoe towards him, though it fell short of the dais from where Manmohan Singh was addressing his first...

Dalit’s daughter should be made PM: Mayawati »

on April 25 2009

Bahujan Samaj Party supreme Mayawati today said while voicing her prime ministerial ambitions that a “dalit’s daughter” should be made the prime minister of the country in order to ensure the uplift of the backward and minority...

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