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Now India has got its own vaccine against swine flu »

on May 16 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New Delhi, 16th May: In a major advancement in influenza science, India is ready with its first indigenous vaccine against H1N1 swine flu. ...

India may soon turn into a diabetes hub »

on May 15 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Mumbai, 14th May: Diabetes in India is increasing at an alarming rate and with the current rate of increase diabetes is becoming an epidemic in the country. Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday...

Radiation can lead to breast cancer »

on May 14 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Berkeley, 14th May: It is already known to us that the exposure to ionizing radiation can result in mutations or other genetic damage that cause cells to turn cancerous. ...

India needs around 10 lakh new nurses »

on May 13 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New Delhi, 13th May: Indian health minister Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad said that there was massive shortage of nurses in India and the shortage may go up to 60% if vacancies are not filled urgently....

Bill gates sign health projects with the Bihar government »

on May 13 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Patna, 12th May: Microsoft chief Bill Gates Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf of his foundation with the Bihar government to work on health projects to eradicate polio, kalaazar and tuberculosis from the...

Orissa Government plans to include HIV-AIDS affected persons in BPL list »

on May 11 2010

By JIT Mukherjii, Bhubaneswar: Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has come out with an innovative plan where he said his Government is planning to include HIV/AIDS affected persons of the State in the up-coming BPL list. Patnaik said...

A 17 year old girl looking like a baby »

on May 10 2010

By JIT Mukherjii London, 10th May: American scientists have found a girl, who in spite of 17 years old has the body of a baby girl. The scientists are studying the DNA of this peculiar 17-year-old girl who...

Medical colleges borrowing furnitures ahead of inspection »

on May 10 2010

By JIT Mukherjii, Gatri, 10th May:Before the routine inspection of Medical Council of India, it has been observed that many medical colleges are going to the extent of borrowing furniture and [...]...

Acupuncture-Popular Healing Therapy That Works »

on May 9 2010

By KIRAN Negi A century old therapy, acupuncture is getting popular for curing numerous ailments and diseases that medical treatments are failing to cure. A growing number of people are turning to this brilliant practice for help...

How can Mataji survive without food and water for 65 years? »

on May 8 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Ahmedabad, 8th May: If a person does not pass any urine for 72 hours, doctors consider that he must be having a kidney failure. But Prahlad Jani, affectionately known as Mataji, has really surprised the...

Dark chocolate may protect the risk of brain damage from stroke »

on May 7 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New York, 7th May: You may forgo the guilt the next time you take on plenty of dark chocolate. A new study in the market has claimed that it could reduce the risk of brain...

Parents in Surat claimed that polio drops killed infant »

on May 2 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Surat, 2nd May: Parents of a two-month-old baby girl have complained that their child on Saturday died within 48 hours of taking polio vaccine given by the local civic authorities in Surat[...] ...

You can live 100 if can sleep for 10 hours a day »

on May 1 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Beijing, 1st May: Sleep is a major factor in rejuvenating the body and can really help you to live longer. It can also activate the immune system to a great extent. It has been found...

Self-motivation helps in weight loss »

on April 30 2010

Mumbai, April 30th: Motivation and keeping a track of your daily diet are the key components for shedding excess weight. It was found that the type of motivation which are needed for dieting and the techniques used...

Viagra counterpart for men launch in UK, improves sexual experience 3 times »

on April 28 2010

By JIT Mukherjii London, 28th April: Priligy, a drug well known for the counterpart of Viagra has been launched in the UK. It is a very effective drug and can improve the sexual performance of men by...

Unhealthy vaccine may kill hundreds of children in AP and Gujrat »

on April 26 2010

By JIT Mukherjii A probe has been ordered into the giving of vaccines to 24,000 girls in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. There have been reports of serious ethical violations in the study as it has been found that...

Lisa Ray is free from cancer and is too happy to embrace India »

on April 24 2010

Indo Canadian actor Lisa Ray has announced that she is free from cancer. The noted actress announced ten months before that she has been diagnosed with cancer and it may not be cured in the future. She...

India’a First Robot Surgery In AIIMS »

on April 20 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty New Delhi, April 20 – In the history of Indian medical science, first ever robot assisted surgery was performed by All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) doctors. A team of doctors guided by...

Healthy Diet Can Resist Alzheimer Disease »

on April 19 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty Mumbai, April 19 – A recent US research group conducted study on 2,148 people from New York, aged 65 and above and found that a diet contains fruits and vegetables, animal protein like poultry...

HPV Death Reports Lead To Withdrawal Of Vaccination Trials »

on April 17 2010

By KIRAN Negi New Delhi, April 17 – The Government, on Friday, told Parliament that six tribal girls who were under vaccine trials for imported brands of Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) had succumbed to death. After the...

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