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8 new medical colleges in Gujarat »

on July 18 2010

The Gujarat government is now going to set up 8 new medical colleges in the state in the next two years after being undeterred by the Medical Council of India’s rejection of proposals for starting 3 new...

Oxford University Makes Breakthrough In Flu »

on July 15 2010

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty London, July 15 – Oxford University scientists have indeed a great moment in their lives when they made a step forward in protecting children from swine flu. In the study 949 children took part...

Swine flu cases on the rise across India in past week »

on July 14 2010

In the four southern states of India & Maharashtra the swine flu situation continues to be serious, they have reported 319 out of the 330 H1N1 infections in the last one week, also reported was a boy...

Lower your blood pressure with beetroot juice »

on July 1 2010

By JIT Mukherjii London, July 1: You can lower your blood pressure level with the nitrate content of beetroot juice. A scientific study has revealed this great fact. The researchers of Queen Mary University of London found...

Now start seeing another class – bisexual male »

on June 29 2010

By JIT Mukherjii June 29th: Robert Winn and his wife Christine met in college and he openly confessed that he is a bisexual and finds interest in both male and females. His wife was quite supportive of...

H1N1 takes on 16 lives in Kerala »

on June 15 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New Delhi, June 15th: The Union Government today decided to send a three-member team to Kerala as a fresh outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) in two districts of the state has caused at least 16...

You can treat breast cancer by new method of radiation »

on June 13 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New York, June 13th: Doctors are testing a new method that could lead to sweeping changes in the fight against breast cancer. Daily doses of radiation can take a toll on patients suffering from breast cancer, often causing debilitating side effects....

Eating While Driving Might Lead To Food Poisoning »

on June 8 2010

Are you among those who like to munch their favourite  snacks while driving then watch out, you are risking your health as according to some new research. Scientists conducted a test on swabs taken from a typical...

Use the new spray to cure premature ejaculation »

on June 3 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New York, June 3rd: A new drug PSD502 has been discovered which is expected to be highly effective in treating primary premature ejaculation (PE). Shionogi Pharma, Inc., a U.S.-based group company of Shionogi &...

Bill Gates give $5 million grant for tobacco control programme »

on June 1 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New Delhi, May 31st:Bill and Melina Gates Foundation has sanctioned $5 million to the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) in order to strengthen the National Tobacco Control Programme in the states of Andhra...

Intracranial Hemorrhage Is Bleeding Within The Skull »

on May 29 2010

By SUNIL Sonkar May 29 — Intracranial Hemorrhage is bleeding within the skull and it is caused by a ruptured blood vessel within the brain. Among many reasons of this, the most common causes include physical trauma...

Smoke alarm for women »

on May 28 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Kolkata, May 28th: There was a time when only women smokers vamps on the Indian screen were seen smoking. Two recent surveys have found that a growing number of women are smoking, especially in...

Spine related patients can get cured by a new technique named Coblation »

on May 27 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New Delhi, May 27th: Now, spine-related ailments can be best treated by the help of a latest technology ‘Coblation’ recently arrived in India. Patients, suffering from backache and whose diagnosis requires surgery, can be...

Mother’s milk help in improving the DNA of the baby »

on May 26 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Illinois, May 26th: Giving reasons why mother’s milk is always better than any formula, scientists have claimed that breast milk improves the functioning of their genes in a way that protects them from illness....

Now women can get aroused by Viagra »

on May 25 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Washington, May 25th: It is good news for women who also want to outperform their partner in bed. Now Viagra can be available to women and they can also boost up their performance in bed,...

A vegetarian diet can make you attractive to the opposite sex »

on May 24 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Kolkata, May 24th: If you take on vegetarian diet, your skin will glow and you will be more attractive to your girlfriend or members of the opposite sex. The study at Bristol University is...

CBI probes stent scam in different hospitals »

on May 23 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Hyderabad, 22nd May: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is probing allegations of a coronary stent scam involving several corporate hospitals and staff of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) in Hyderabad. The probe began...

You must be less happy than your wife to avoid divorce »

on May 21 2010

By JIT Mukherjii Sydney, May 21st: Married men must be warned: Don’t enjoy yourself too much. Research shows that if you’re happier than your wife, you could soon be heading for the divorce courts. Economists have identified...

CBI finds expired medicines being supplied in hospitals »

on May 20 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New Delhi, May 20: CBI conducted surprise raised in government hospitals across the country and found that in many cases, spurious and expired rugs are being supplied to the patients. So, be careful before...

New born babies can learn many things even in the sleep »

on May 19 2010

By JIT Mukherjii New York, 19th May: The new born babies pick up many things quite fast because they keep on learning things even in their sleep, researchers have found. Even though infants may stay awake for...

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