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Walking minimizes stroke chances for women »

on January 7 2013

7th January, 2013, London: A new research has found that minimum 3 hours of walking each week is likely to minimize the chances of strokes compared to those who do not. The leader of the research told...

‘Tomato skin’ pill may lessen cancer risk and cut stroke possibilities »

on January 7 2013

7th January, 2013: Researchers have stated that a pill that contains a chemical which is found in the skin of a tomato might slow down cancer progression and reduce the risk of stroke. The pill named Ateronon...

Babies begin learning language in their mother’s womb, says study »

on January 4 2013

4th January, 2012, London: Scientists have found that babies start to learn language while staying in mother’s womb. The study has also found that babies can single out vowel sounds before they are out of their mother’s...

‘Spiritual’ people carry higher risk of being mentally ill »

on January 2 2013

2nd January, 2013: Being spiritual may cause mental illness. A recent study has revealed that spiritual people are likely to go through a series of mental problems, including phobias and neurosis, anxiety disorder, drug abuse and even...

Drinking black tea may reduce the risk of diabetes »

on November 8 2012

8th November, 2012: Scientists have suggested that drinking black tea is probably linked with a lower risk of diabetes. Recently, in Switzerland, scientists have studied the link between type 2 diabetes in relation to consumption of tea...

Regular intense exercise can fix heart damage »

on November 3 2012

3rd November, 2012, London: According to researchers, enthusiastic exercise on a daily basis can fix problems caused by heart problems. The findings of the new research reveal that damages from heart disease can be fixed to an...

Junk food may cause early puberty, says experts »

on November 2 2012

2nd November, 2012: A recent study has suggested that the onrush of puberty dropped by over 5 years in girls. The researchers also believe that junk food is certainly to be blamed for that. Experts only say...

Math fear may cause physical pain, says new research »

on November 1 2012

1st November, 2012, New Delhi: Researchers have detected that anxiety about math may activate some regions in the brain which is connected with the experience of physical pain as well as visceral threat detection. The study, which...

Now, we have long term check for allergic asthma »

on October 1 2012

1st October, 2012, Washington DC: When kids suffer from asthma or allergies induced by dust mites, searching for relief appears to be a tough task. Now, scientists claim that 3 years allergy shots would provide a long...

Sleeping for prolonged hours may reduce diabetes rick among teens »

on October 1 2012

1st October, 2012, London: According to a new study, prolonged sleep hours may reduce the risk of diabetes in youth. Karen Matthews, the lead author of the study, stated that high levels of insulin resistance might lead...

Most corporate employees are heart diseases prone, says study »

on September 29 2012

29th September, 2012: According to a new survey, most number of corporate employees faces heart problems because of poor eating habits, high stress levels and prolonged working hours. The researchers told that they surveyed two thousand employees...

Gossip among employees makes them more cooperative, says research »

on September 28 2012

28th September, 2012: A recent study has revealed that gossiping in office makes employees more cooperative and brings them closer. However, the researcher also told that people who tend to engage themselves in excessive gossip have fewer...

Early menopause raises the risk of heart disease »

on September 19 2012

19th September, 2012: According to a new research led by a scientist of Indian origin women who reach into early menopause – before they are 46, raises the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. The leader...

Researchers make breakthrough in asthma treatment »

on September 19 2012

19th September, 2012: It seems that researchers have found new ways to bring down asthma attack risk by blocking two most important biological responses which lead to attack. The paper was published in Proceedings of the National...

Single children are more prone to overweight »

on September 18 2012

18th September, 2012: Parents with a single kid must be careful as a recent study revealed that a single child had over fifty percent chance of being overweight. The research was done on 12700 kids in 8...

Children with asthma develop several mental health problems, says research »

on September 17 2012

17th September, 2012, Sydney: children with persistent or severe asthma have the tendency to develop several common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Monique Robinson, the co – author of the study and University of...

Exercise can help to reduce emotional stress »

on September 15 2012

15th September, 2012: A new research has claimed that moderate exercise can be helpful in coping up with stress and anxiety for an extended time after work out. Researchers said that it is well known that exercise...

White bread is an important source of nutrition, say scientists »

on September 14 2012

14th September, 2012: TV nutritionists and health campaigners have ‘demonized’ white bread in the past, but a new research claim that it is actually a source of minerals and vitamins. Recently, British Nutrition Foundation’s paper has brushed...

Low priced pain killer drug can cure resistant tuberculosis »

on September 13 2012

13th September, 2012: According to researchers, a low priced drug that is generally used as a pain killer, can also kill drug-resistant TB (tuberculosis). The researchers of Weill Cornell Medical College point to a possible new therapy...

Government of India plans to provide essential medicines for free »

on August 25 2012

25th August, 2012, New Delhi: The government of India told that it proposes to begin an initiative to supply essential medicines for free in public health facilities. In this year’s budget, a Rs. 100 crore provision has...

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