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Monday, January 16, 2012

Indian Army Chief files a writ petition in the SC


On Monday, V. K. Singh, the Indian Army Chief General filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court regarding the controversy on his date of birth. The Army chief has taken the government to the court to settle the score.army picture

This is the first time when a serving Army Chief has taken the center to the court. Army chief’s date of birth becomes very important to decide when his service will end.

V. K. Singh has been arguing that 10th May, 1951 must be treated as his real date of birth as his matriculation certificate says that. But the Defense Ministry has turned down the argument because the date that is entered in his UPSC entrance form is 10th May, 1950.

Army chief will retire on May, 2012 if 1950 is considered as his date of birth, bit if 1951 is considered, then he will serve for another year. Recently, V. K. Singh told that the matter must not turn into a public debate.

Earlier, the chief had tried to downplay his differences with the Defense Ministry over the messy and prolonged age row.

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