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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

GoldQuest/Questnet faces more fraud complaints in Chennai


The network members, who lost their money in the Quest Net, a multi-level marketing company, are continuing to storm the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office with complaints, a private newspaper from Chennai reported today.

The police who sealed the company’s office is planning to freeze its bank accounts & arrest its founder Vijayendran who is in Hong Kong. The case will transfer to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further investigation.

After losing the hope of getting their money back, the victims lined up at the Commissionerate for lodging their complaints. Acting on a complaint from one of the company’s network member, the police arrested seven persons on the charges of fraudulent business practices.

A senior official of Police said that according to the complaint, Quest Net refused to give him the gold coin after paying Rs one lakh on the ground that he failed to enlist 10 more members.

63 Responses to “GoldQuest/Questnet faces more fraud complaints in Chennai”

  1. Nitin Navle says:


    quest net company is Fraud company ……………..

    now a day people is frasted with office envernemnt /job/boss/home etc …..
    it is so simple to play with human emotion.
    do you know what kind of game plan of this people ??? they first ask you what is your dream ??? if person is said bunglow or excpensive car then they ask how can u achive this with present salary/income ?? this people is very smart in brain wash. earn 11,500 per week …

  2. jagadish (the comments were hurting) says:

    mlm business is the 8 th wonder of the world
    but all cant do it people with fire and those who have burnt all their ships only can do it
    1 in a 10 as most are lazy they dont want to change or meet people convince them etc it takes a few years to fully understand this business
    if some body s paid for the products and not received them in most cases its the person who has taken has duped them and not registered them in the company s system most good companies are online this can be immediately checked
    but select a good company which can train you support you has completed minimum 10 years in India or ur home country has a simple plan for success no binary or non accumulative both are failures
    select a company which has products you will want to buy even if you are not part of it most important
    select a good leader who can guide you build your confidence for just 1 year then ur on your own
    remember ur responsible for your success not your upline
    once you have a team be good no lies no false promises be sincere be a giver build confidence give support be sincere do it from the heart not head
    improve ur communication skills give people a sense of belonging it cannot happen in a day but takes a few years
    it still takes 18+ 6 years of study/specialisation 6 years of practise to become a good doctor
    here in a few years you can earn equivalent but are you willing to change your previous mind set??
    some books to read
    parable of the pipeline /copy cat marketing /the secret

  3. […] will arise some times.. nothing to worry.. if u r ready to learn the business. View post: GoldQuest/Questnet faces more fraud complaints in Chennai – Daily … This entry is filed under Warnings for Frauds. You can follow any responses to this entry through […]

  4. siobhan says:

    is QuestNet for real? im only 18 and i was told about the business a couple of months ago an have been feeling quite pressured by my aunt who has introduced me to this business. she says it can change my life and wants me to register as soon as possible. but im not sure about the whole thing i would have to actually meet someone who i know is definitely benefiting from this business. do you think that QuestNet is a wise investment? someone plz help

  5. J.Pushparaj says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am B.E candidate in Electronic and Communication.I have joined in UTL technologies ,New # 3/2,Old #231 ,Alwarpet in Chennai. Land mark : In Rathna Building.They were promised me that they will give me placement assistance for joining entry.But after completing my course they never done anything for me.so,My upcoming friends “Dont join in that Institution”.Sir,Please take immediate actions to treat that Cunning people.
    Thank you,
    New no : 8148873124
    Mob no : 9994528251
    Mail : pushparaj_ece@yahoo.com

  6. R.MEENAKSHI says:

    I have invested the amount of Rs 30,000 thousand and odd and i have made my neice, my daughter, my neice friend, to join and now they are presurisng me to give the money back, i have received only one cheque amount worth of Rs.2,000/- only, for my neice friend i have paid half of the amount from my cash now i am really i bad condition, when will i get the money back? this case has gone to cbi , we thought they will take some immediate action , they are arresting the peoples and seizing their property but what is the use ? we are not getting the money back. Please take some necessary actio against these kind of people? Eagerly waiting for the positive action to be taken?

  7. Q.i says:

    I have been doing this business and i know this has been done by people who is taking money on the name of Quest and cheating people, be aware of these kind of people who is doing this.

  8. hrithika says:

    We invested 28k in gold quest, we dont have any number, we have only the coins, can we fail case using those coins ??

  9. rajesh says:

    After getting disappointment from all my efforts I am here to seek your help .
    I joined the so called QuestNET Businessin jan2007 .
    The business is based on MultiLevel marketing in which they sell their product which are said Mint Gold Coin. Am paid around Rs.38,000.00.
    still now i didnt got any returns for my money just i got the product.one my friend told 2 invest and told tat he will help me, still now he is not replying, he only cheated me.
    I request you to bring up my case to them and get my money refunded.
    I want to file a case againt them for the mental harassment I went thorough. Please let me know how I can do it.

    I am attaching below the details of my membership and the purchase order.

    Name :S.Rajesh
    Membership ID Number: NF167718
    Phone no:09840961119

    and the person who cheated me is here his name and no

    Name: kumar(fraud person)
    ph no : 09245132807

    He (kumar) also already join the same fraud (questnet)


  10. Sharad Navale says:

    this Quest net people first they ask what is dream ?? house, car etc. then they paly with yr emotion and play with it. for your dream u need to spent some money, only Rs. 32000/-
    and u lost money after this.

    I have purchase Coin from Quest Net in April-2008 and still i am not recived the coin.
    in Chennail director of the India Quest net was arrest in Chennai in may-june 2008. and indai opration was closed and i haven’t recive the coin.
    this comapny is biggest fruad comapny in the world.


  11. Prasad says:

    I have loast my 38k in quest net and they conduct seminar on sat-sun in andheri mumbai shubha Gelexy, Andheri(e) mumbai. India
    following are the list of people
    Nitin Navle
    sharad navle
    gaurav Thripathi
    Gaurav Mishra

    The biggest Fraud Person and Master mind is nitin navle, he is the person who registed the user in Quest net and subit own Address and Received all Coin/Product.

    Please HELP me

  12. chandrashekhar says:

    hmm, Lot of people were asked me to invest on this, and, people told me how many days you are getting this much of salary, and, ask me to invest.

    I was quiet and I told them to not to invest, and, finally some of my old frineds are asked me to invest after that I invest, once I invest then only I come to know this is a fraud, and, my self suggested to the people not to invest and not to go for that business. finaly I last arround 32K of money.


  13. Tarun says:

    it’s the Best ! company…

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