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Monday, January 07, 2013

Walking minimizes stroke chances for women


7th January, 2013, London: A new research has found that minimum 3 hours of walking each week is likely to minimize the chances of strokes compared to those who do not. The leader of the research told that the actual message for the general people is still the same. People must engage themselves in moderate physical activity as it is good for health.women stroke picture

Women who walk briskly for around 210 minutes or more carries a lower risk of stroke than women who remains inactive and in fact their chances also remains lower compared to those who cycles or engage themselves in high intensity workouts.

While researching, the study team divided participants by exercise type, total time and by gender. During the follow up time, a total of 442 strokes cases occurred among men and women. The research leader stated that they saw a 43% percent reduction in the risk of stroke compared to the group that stayed inactive.

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