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Monday, January 07, 2013

‘Tomato skin’ pill may lessen cancer risk and cut stroke possibilities


7th January, 2013: Researchers have stated that a pill that contains a chemical which is found in the skin of a tomato might slow down cancer progression and reduce the risk of stroke. The pill named Ateronon carries a chemical called lycopene. In the past, this chemical had helped to unclog blocked arteries.Tomato skin pill picture

More examinations reveal that this natural medicine could also make patients’ blood vessels more efficient. In some patients, it has softened arteries and boosted the blood flow.

Researchers also think that this pill may also be able to bind the damage that is caused by heart disease. But even after all these, further studies are necessary to know whether it is really can lessen the chances of stroke.

It used a compound called lycopene that has been changed to become more easily absorbed by blood compared to the natural versions which are found in tomatoes. According to reports, one of the researchers told that the results are really good, but they needed more trials to reach to a conclusion.

A medical advisor told that it is really early to reach to a conclusion, but the results of this trial are far better compared to what they had expected.

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