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Friday, January 04, 2013

Babies begin learning language in their mother’s womb, says study


4th January, 2012, London: Scientists have found that babies start to learn language while staying in mother’s womb. The study has also found that babies can single out vowel sounds before they are out of their mother’s womb. Earlier, it was known that newborns start to single out between language sound in the first month.baby language learning picture

A new research has found that infants learn and call up elementary sounds during their mother’s last ten weeks of pregnancy. When babies are just few hours old, they can distinguish between a foreign language and their native language.

Pacific Lutheran University’s professor of psychology Christine Moon led the research. She told that earlier it was known that kids learn by listening to the sound of our mother talking, but this is the first research that revealed that babies learn the particular speech sounds of our mother`s language before we are born.

The researchers’ team studied a group of 40 boys and girls who were around 30 hours old in Stockholm and Tacoma in Sweden.

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