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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

‘Spiritual’ people carry higher risk of being mentally ill


2nd January, 2013: Being spiritual may cause mental illness. A recent study has revealed that spiritual people are likely to go through a series of mental problems, including phobias and neurosis, anxiety disorder, drug abuse and even abnormal eating conditions. In fact, they are also likely to consume medicines regarding mental problems.mental disease picture

University College London’s Professor Michael King and his fellow researchers’ study was based on a survey of randomly chosen men and women. According to reports, the researchers questioned them about their mental state, religious and spiritual beliefs.

Out of those, who were selected, thirty-five percent called them ‘religious’ – meaning that they go to church, temple, synagogue or mosque. In this group, most people were Christians. A further nineteen percent claimed that they have spiritual experiences or beliefs without following any specific religion; whereas 46% stated that they were neither spiritual nor religious.

According to the new findings, spiritual people were fifty percent more probable to carry a generalized anxiety disorder and seventy-two percent more probable to have some kind of phobia. They have se suggested that seventy-seven percent carry a higher chance of being dependent on drugs.

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