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Thursday, August 22, 2013

India has world’s 3rd largest internet users population


22nd August, 2013, New Delhi: India now has the 3rd largest population of internet users. With 73.9 million users, India has now overtaken Japan, behind China and United States. laptop keyboard picture

A recent report suggest that users change their devices to stay up to date with the rest of the world with news, social media and e-mail. It is not just computers, but tablets, smartphones are used in high numbers to access the internet.

The report stated that India overtook Japan by summing up 17.6 million users last year. Now India has a online population of 73.9 million.

As of March 2013, Asia Pacific region had a total of 644 million work as well as home internet users. Out of that, China had 54 per cent share; while India had 11.5 per cent share and Japan had 11.4 per cent. Southeast Asia had 9.6 per cent and the rest of APAC had 13.5 per cent share.

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