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Saturday, June 08, 2013

More than 13 lakh voters polished off from Delhi electoral rolls


8th June, 2013, New Delhi: Vijay Dev, the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi, stated that they have expelled thirteen lakh registrants in the summery revision. The main concern of the is to purify the electoral rolls. This is the last summery revision for Delhi before the Assembly polls that will take place later this year. delhi electoral roll picture

The Election Commission has already started the revision and they have already provided the schedule for the revision of the electoral rolls. The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi added that they have identified 1900 locations for enrolling the names. NSS volunteers are working as enrollment ambassadors for this huge job.

8.18 lakh registrants have been enrolled and over 13 lakh registrants have been expelled from the list because of different reasons. The Election Commission wants to make sure that no duplicate Electoral Photo Identity Cards exist. The Commission have noticed that there are people who has Delhi EPIC card as well as the EPIC cards of neighboring states.

At present Delhi has 11241000 voters and out of that 62.36 lakh male and 50.05 lakh female. The gender ration is very low – it stands at 803 women to 1000 men.

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