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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monsoon to arrive early in north-west India this year


11th June, 2013, New Delhi: the Met department has stated that monsoon is all set to arrive in north west India. In fact, the monsoon will hit the region a week early than it was earlier expected. monsoon picture

Earlier, it was thought that the monsoon would arrive at the end of June, but now it is expected that the monsoon will hit north west India by 22nd June. Some reports suggest that the exact date can be told by the end of this week. The progress of monsoon is very satisfactory and it is mush ahead of time over the west coast this year.

Delhi and its surrounding region will experience some regular showers now till the monsoon arrives. On Tuesday morning, the weather was cloudy in Delhi and the minimum temperature was around 29.2 degrees Celsius and weather forecast suggests rain later in the day.

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