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Monday, December 28, 2009

CBSE To Implement Grading System In Primary Classes Too

By SHUBHAJIT Chakraborty

NEW DELHI, India: The grading system of secondary classes will shortly put into action in classes six, seven and eight by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In October 2009 Board has already implemented Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system across all CBSE affiliated schools in the ninth and tenth grades. It is believed that new system of marking will “de-stress” education.
To assuage a hostile environment, the CBSE has been actively trying to pursue an amiable platform to ensure that the system would succeed. In line with the process, the board currently opened a dedicated webpage for the CCE system, the board officials introduced an “Interact with the Chairman” link where students and guardians can raise their doubts and concerns over all imaginable queries.

To a query if CCE will be limited to the ninth and tenth grade alone, the chairman responded, “In all the classes up to secondary stage. The detailed guidelines for classes VI-VIII will be made available to all the schools shortly.”

To make the process transparent, the board said process of marking would be under a fixed guidelines. The board official reply stated, “The answer sheets will be given back to students, who can always approach the principal in case of any doubts . Assessment in co-scholastic areas will be done by a team of teachers instead of a single teacher.”

According to the board, process of evaluation will not lower the standards of education but on the contrary help out the students and parents from the stress of examination and result.

Replying to a question, the board said, “The curriculum at secondary stage has been re-organised but certainly not diluted. The pattern and standard of question papers will be decided by the board. The role of a school is different from a coaching centre…the scheme looks at holistic development.”

7 Responses to “CBSE To Implement Grading System In Primary Classes Too”

  1. lucy moirangthem says:

    plz send me cce for primary class

  2. Our school authorities want to impliment the new grading system in our primry classes as per CBSE norms, Please let us know the details

  3. anju bhatnagar says:

    pls. send me cce for primary classes (3-5)

  4. Neha garg says:

    how we can evaluate the students of primary classes by cce format…pls. send me cce for primary classes……..

  5. Ifrah khan says:

    Kindly requesting you to send cce for primary classes (3-5) and report card format too.

  6. manija says:

    kindly share the primary grading system with us , as we are in the process and a new school.

  7. Supriya says:

    kindly sent me cbse grading system for classes 1 to 5

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