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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Punishment to be Stricter; Comprehensive Amendment to the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972


lion-wildlifeBy NIMY Sara Joy

Chennai, Feb. 17 – To high up the punishment for the unlawful wildlife intervention to be stricter, the government is to craft a comprehensive amendment to the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Union Forests and Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh talked to the media today.

The amendments would bring a section which will be accessible for scientists and enabling the scientific studies in forest areas, he said. “We will give punishment under the Wildlife Protection Act of vastly enhanced nature. I believe the man who violates foreign exchange laws and man who violates wildlife protection laws should be treated on par with each other.”

The other proposal for the wildlife welfare in India is that to build up the second lion shelter. The second lion sanctuary will be coming in Madhya Pradesh. The discussions for sending some lions from Gujarat are started with the State government. It would be exchanging tigers to Gujarat also.

It will be more practical as Jairam told, if any outbreak happens we will be beaten so better to have another location also for the lions in our country.

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