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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Trio World School headmaster arrested for providing false information


2nd Feb, 2012, Bangalore: Trio World School’s dismissed headmaster Paul Meekin was arrested on Wednesday, after interrogated by the police and Child Welfare Committee officials on charges of providing wrong information.bangalore picture

Investigators suspect Paul Meekin is a fraud who gave incorrect name and information in his travel papers while being named headmaster. On 21st January, he was dismissed after being accused of sending obscene messages to one of the students.

On Wednesday, the police went to his residence and took his fingerprints. Cops told that Meekin confessed to purchasing educational certificates for £ 20.

While answering Neena Nayak, the Child Welfare Committee chairperson, Meekin told that his childhood name is Paul Meekin and he changed his name to Colin when he was in Thailand during 2003 – 04.

Police is suspecting that he changed his name to fly out of Thailand where he was caught in a case, but they do not have the details of that case. Bangalore police are planning to send officials to United Kingdom for further enquire into the case.

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