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Monday, June 25, 2012

CCB police caught 34 criminals in an anti-crime drive


25th June, 2012, Bangalore: The CCB (Central Crime Branch) police began an operation on Saturday night and continued till Sunday morning and rained the homes of goons throughout the city and caught thirty-four of them.bengaluru picture

Police have raided over 150 houses of suspects. This was the very first time when CCB police led this kind of raids. Some of the criminals tried to show some resistance, but that were hardly of any help. Till now, this was the city police’s jobs to deal with these issues.

The police caught those who were involved in several criminal activities. Most of them were a part of more than one cases including, robbery, mugging, attack, attempt to murder, dacoity or murder.

The raids were hold by a team of around two-hundred police officials. The raids took place in city police’s all 6 sub-divisions. They also found weapons and arms in their homes. The team also found that some criminals have changed the place where they used to live before. Some confessed that they have given up all kinds of criminal activities.

According to sources, police told that old-time criminals are training all those who are new in these kinds of activities including mugging, robbery, dacoity, murder etc.

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